Therapy Services


Individual Therapy

I help individuals resolve forms of distress or trauma and grow.

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Family Therapy

With commitment, process, and perspective, wounds within families can heal.

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Child/Teen Therapy

If you have concerns about your child or adolescent’s behavior, I can help.

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Work to reduce hyperactivity, calm your mind, and learn effective coping mechanisms

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My Focus

I am completely focused and dedicated to helping my clients feel better, make healthy life choices, and replace fears or anxiety with happiness and hope for the future.

When working with my clients, we hone in on learning new skills and information to help them decrease symptoms that interfere with daily life. Some areas of focus can include: mood stabilization, managing symptoms of anxiety or depression, organization and prioritizing, and increasing self-esteem.

Our goal will be to help you feel more steady and grounded, and more self confident. This will enable you to experience greater satisfaction and harmony within your relationships and self.

About Me

I have over 16 years of experience working with adults, adolescents, and children. I graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore with my Masters of Social Work in 2001. I have worked in outpatient mental health clinics, elementary and middle schools, diagnostic and residential treatment centers, and in private practice.

I specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents facing anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, and abuse (both victims and perpetrators). I especially see many kids who are suffering from anxiety and enjoy the challenge and reward of doing so!

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Heather Bond-Pushman

When my clients are happy I’m happy

What are clients saying? Here are a few thoughts by current clients:

"I have always enjoyed our sessions, obviously since I am still coming even after moving a decent distance away...I appreciate your feedback...thank you for being there for me!"

"I am so glad I found Heather...She is wonderful in the way she is helping me. I feel at ease with her."

"I have not had an issue with scheduling in the 2+ years I have been seeing Heather. I always look forward to our sessions-- she has become almost like family. She doesn't sugar coat things...she let's me know exactly how it is!"

"Lots of good reinforcement and different ways of looking at issues...I feel comfortable and have very little hesitation at sharing...would like more homework!"

"My son (age 9) enjoys his time with you. Most of his negative behaviors at school were resolved fairly quickly. My son trusts Heather and feels she really cares about him"

"I really have seen improvements in myself since I have been coming here, always a safe place to confide and I feel much better after each session."

"I have learned coping skills for dealing with and riding through panic attacks. Heather has been wonderful in helping me find resources to de-stress and set clear goals."

"Heather has been a perfect fit for my daughter (9) and we are seeing positive progress. She is very flexible, responsive, and professional."

"Heather has helped my family learn to externalize anxiety and utilize strategies to minimize it's effects on us as a whole."

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