Ultimately you will decide for yourself if you’d like help working through what’s bothering you; however, there are also several signs to look out for as well.

  1. Do you feel run-down, tired, or angry for an extended period without knowing why?
  2. Do you feel sick or under the weather, even after having a clean bill of health confirmed by doctors?
  3. Are your relationships becoming strained and unmanageable?
  4. Are close friends and family members suggesting you seek professional help?
  5. Is your mood and mindset affecting your work performance negatively?
  6. Do your emotions feel more intense in reaction to daily events than you think they should?
  7. Have you suffered a trauma and found yourself unable to stop thinking about it?
  8. Have you turned to a substance or alcohol to relieve how you feel?
  9. Do you feel disconnected or disinterested in the hobbies you normally love?

If the answer to any of these are in the positive, therapy may help you. By breaking and reestablishing the patterns with which you view and take actions in your life, you may experience immense positive change.