Every family has problems and most problems do not require therapy – that’s a fact. However, family therapy may help you if your family struggles with one or more of the following situations:

  1. Your child or teen is behaving in an inappropriate or dangerous manner and you can’t seem to “get through” to him or her.
  2. Communication just isn’t working – and only seems to create the same or worse arguments, repeatedly.
  3. Anger, fear, or stress are the dominant emotions within one or more family relationships, and efforts to resolve these feelings are failing.
  4. A key relationship in the family has fallen apart – such as between the parents, between child or adult siblings, or even between one family member and a close relative.
  5. One family member has given into a cycle of addictive or dangerous behavior, and no one knows what to do.
  6. Current or previous patterns of abuse – verbal and/or physical – have severely undermined trust and communication within the family.

These are some of the situations to look out for, but there are others. Fundamentally, if there is strain in the family that cannot be resolved despite the best efforts of you and loved ones, family therapy may be able to help.