Child/Teen Therapy

Is child or teen therapy right for your family?

Is your child or teen depressed or anxious? Does he or she have ADD/ADHD, and are you unsure how to help him or her cope? Are you concerned about school performance, social shyness, or technology addiction? Maybe you’re worried as a parent that you don’t know how to respond to some of these and other behaviors.

Therapy can help you and your child chart a way forward.

Many parents feel the same way you do.

Millions of children and their families struggle with disagreements on behavior and perspective. Sometimes these disagreements are based in genetics, such as when a child and family grow their relationship through the challenges of autism and other forms of learning disability. Sometimes the family distress is a matter of resolving forms of childhood trauma or gaining perspective. Technology can also distract and place psychological demands on us as individuals and on our families.

Therapy may make a difference.

I work with children, teens, and their families to help improve self-understanding and self-acceptance, communication, and individual and family unit togetherness.

I work one-on-one with the child or teen and sometimes with the broader family as needed. I also offer occasional group sessions to help families who would like to share with one another. You will also have the opportunity to explore non-medication options to support your child or teen to be healthier and happier.

By working with a qualified psychotherapist, children and their parents may yield breakthroughs in understanding such that many of the most worrisome issues resolve themselves.

If you would like to learn more about how child and teen therapy can help your loved ones, please call or email today.

FAQs and common concerns:

Does child therapy work?

I focus on long-term solutions that lead children, teens, and parents to modify their behaviors independently and create satisfying and fulfilling lives. Therapy is an intervention, helping children and their families prevent years of unnecessary emotional trauma. Child and teen therapy is an investment in the health of your family.

Every child, teen, and parent is different, but the techniques and processes developed from my psychotherapy experience have helped families chart a healthy path forward.

How do I know if therapy is necessary?

There are signs to look out for –

  1. Is your child or teen’s behavior endangering him/herself or others?
  2. Is your child or teen reacting very poorly to your own reactions to his/her behavior?
  3. Does your child’s behavior interfere with daily family functioning and activities?
  4. Is your relationship or marriage strained by your child’s behavior?
  5. Are you out of answers and unsure what to do?

Therapy can help if you answered yes to any of these questions. Please call or email for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss this further.

How does therapy help if the issue at hand is genetic?

Medications such as Adderall or Ritalin for ADD/ADHD, Antidepressants in other circumstances, and a variety of other drugs may help to dampen symptoms; however, the goal of our work together is to resolve behavioral challenges at their root. This leads to healthier habits and improved self-esteem and communication going forward. In some cases, therapy has shown to be an effective complement or even substitute for medication.

Client Love

"My son (age 9) enjoys his time with you. Most of his negative behaviors at school were resolved fairly quickly. My son trusts Heather and feels she really cares about him."