Is a couples therapist right for you?

Do you fight regularly? Do you feel like you’re living with a roommate instead of a spouse? Does your relationship lack passion? Is your sexual life unsatisfying or nonexistent? Perhaps you’re wondering if it is time to make a real change. Significant trauma – job loss, death of a loved one, poor health or infertility - can also strain a relationship.

These are some of the circumstances experienced by couples seeing a couples therapist.

A healthy relationship is challenging but worthwhile.

We’re all too familiar with the stress that comes with work, bills, families, and more. You and your partner also change over time, which means you may need new ways to relate to one another to keep the relationship strong.

However, your relationship can provide the energy, support, and enthusiasm you need to feel happy and optimistic. A healthy relationship also contributes to your mood and physical health. Finally, the experience of passion and love from a relationship is deeply fulfilling.

Couples therapy focuses on growth, perspective, and solutions.

I’ll use my years of experience providing couples therapy to help your relationship resolve its distress.

Once we bring you and your partner back to a state of mutual acceptance and understanding, we can advance toward building long-term strategies that will help you cope over time. With trust, a healthier attitude, and reflection, you and your partner may find a deeper level of love and commitment than you had thought possible.

You and your relationship can heal.

We’ll work together to heal your relationship for the long-term. Call or email me to talk about your relationship.

FAQs and common concerns:

How exactly does couples therapy help?

Some signs to look out for will indicate whether couples therapy may be right for your relationship.

  1. You feel like you’re living separate lives.
  2. The same arguments come up over and over again.
  3. Sex is almost non-existent, or it’s unpleasant to one or both parties.
  4. Someone is cheating or having an affair (or thinking of one).
  5. The family finances are hidden from one another (”financial infidelity”).
  6. Your partner is now “the enemy.”
  7. Intimacy is withheld as a form of punishment.
  8. The problems that do exist are being ignored and you don’t care to work on them any longer.
  9. You’re in a big rough patch – of any kind – and despite your best efforts cannot get out of it.

Couples therapy can help if you answered yes to any of these questions. By changing the patterns with which you view and take actions in your relationship, growth becomes possible.

Is couples therapy time-consuming?

Couples therapy is an immediate intervention helping to prevent years of emotional turmoil for both partners in the relationship. The lessons that come from our work together should help you make progress toward the life each of you really want. Our goal is to craft long-term solutions that will help you be more fulfilled and successful in your relationship individually and as a couple.